3 Tips for PPC Campaigns
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Understand Your Goals

Say you are a local pizza company- Ben’s Pizza. Is your goal to increase awareness or get people to call a number to order food? When building a PPC campaign for small businesses, understanding what your goal is and basing performance off that conversion sets you up for success. Once you understand your goals, creating relevant ad copy, unique keywords and an accurate landing page follows.

Only Show Ads When Appropriate

Continuing to work off the Ben’s Pizza example- if your company hours are 11AM to 11PM, wouldn’t it only make sense have your ads shown within that time period? Also, if you’re not open on certain days, set up your campaign so no ads are being shown. Day-parting and geo targeting not only makes your campaign more precise, it also could save you lots of money. If your goal is to increase delivery orders and you only deliver within a 10 miles radius of the shop, only show ads within a 10 mile radius.

Build a Thorough Keyword and Negative Keyword List

If you are a small company on a tight budget, focus on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords not only have lower cost per clicks (CPC) but also drive better conversion since the keywords are much more precise. Focus your efforts on phrase and exact match types while sprinkling in a couple broad keywords to capture any search queries that may drive conversions. To help with building a keyword list, I recommend using the Google Keyword Tool. For more tips, check out my post, Tips for Keyword Research.

BONUS Tip: Manage, Manage, Manage

Creating a campaign is just the start. Closely monitor performance. Analyze which keywords drive the best conversion. Play around with average positions on the page- It may cost $10 per click for the number 1 position while you get the same performance while being in the 3rd position at $5. Run search query reports to capture what is triggering a broad keyword and if it would be beneficial to add the keyword as a phrase/exact match type.

What other tips are out there that you recommend? Need additional help with your PPC campaigns? Comment below or contact me directly!

About The Author
Sam Sam Sherman is a PPC Consultant in Cleveland. Currently working for Rosetta, Sam works primary on off-site promotion and Paid Search campaign management for the financial service industry. Sam all aspects of digital marketing solutions for small businesses- including web design, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), and social media marketing.

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