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January 3, 2013 1 Comment SEO Sam


The most important aspect to any website is the content. I cannot stress enough the importance of making your content as fluent as possible for the reader. That being said, your posts should focus around main keywords that you want your website to rank for. Here are just a couple things to keep in mind when performing research.

1) Go After Long-Tail but Plan on Broader Keywords

The term, “marketing” has over 3.2 million results in Google. What are the odds of your little blog ranking on the first page for that term? Slim to none. When developing keywords, strive for long-tail keywords that still have an opportunity to rank for broad terms. Instead of focusing on just marketing, focus on terms such as “SEO marketing tips” (23k results in Google) or even better- “SEO marketing tips for small blogs” (7k results in Google). The less the competition, the better the opportunity for you to rank for those terms.

2) Utilize Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool

Typing in SEO Marketing Tips into the Google AdWords Keyword Tool will get you over 100 different keyword ideas to target on your site. Google will even tell you the level of competition on the keyword and the number of monthly searches. This can help drastically when trying to develop keywords.


3) Track Keyword Performance

After a couple months of implementing your long tail keywords, make sure you check your progress in your Google Webmasters Tools. Google will give you a rough idea where keywords rank in Google’s SERP. If you don’t see your keywords on the list, then those terms are not displayed enough throughout your website. Ideally, you’ll be seeing where you’re ranking well and where to focus your efforts more for the months moving forward.

What other tools do you utilize for keyword research? What other tips do you have for developing your keywords and what should we all keep in mind?

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Sam Sam Sherman is a PPC Consultant in Cleveland. Currently working for Rosetta, Sam works primary on off-site promotion and Paid Search campaign management for the financial service industry. Sam all aspects of digital marketing solutions for small businesses- including web design, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), and social media marketing.

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